Tips for those who just entered the world of betting mobile

bet365 Android App

When the urge strikes to place a sports bet, most people don’t want to waste any time in making their wager. That said, betting mobile is the perfect way to go for punters who like to wager on the run. Using an iPhone, iPad or Android, you can quickly visit your sportsbook of choice, pull up a betting line and make your bet. But as simple as this sounds, there are definitely a few tips that we should discuss for anybody who’s just getting started with wireless sports wagering.

Tip #1 – Take Advantage of the Signup (Welcome) Bonus

Most mobile sportsbooks offer some sort of signup (a.k.a. welcome) bonus to new players as a way of enticing them to sign up and deposit. One common offer that’s available is a free bet (value varies), which is basically a shot at free money. Other sportsbooks offer a match bonus on your first deposit. For example, there’ll be a 100% match bonus up to $100 on your initial deposit, and if you deposited $50, you’d be in line for a $50 bonus. From here, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements by betting a certain amount of money to get your full reward. Assuming you’re already going to be betting mobile, it only makes sense to take advantage of the free bet or signup bonus.

Tip #2 – Consider signing up at a Few Sportsbooks

Anybody who’s experienced with sports betting knows that lines can vary from book to book. And the goal is to always find the softest line that you can to boost your chances of winning. That said, it never hurts to find two or more mobile sportsbooks that you like. Read reviews, visit the sites yourself and determine which books you like. When checking out reviews, pay special attention to anything that mentions frequent soft lines because this means you can get more value out of your bets.

Tip #3 – Control yourself with Live Wagering

One excellent aspect to betting mobile is the convenience of making live wagers. Let’s say that you’re at the mall and you feel like making a live bet on a huge basketball game. Well, you could simply pull out your smartphone, navigate to your bet365 Android app, for example, and make the bet. But as simple as all of this is, you also have to be careful with this convenience and exercise major self-control. After all, too many uninformed live wagers could put a big dent in your bankroll.

Tip #4 – Study Lots of Strategy

Something very alluring about sports betting is that skilled bettors can make long-term profits. But the key word here is “skilled” because far too many punters either study too little strategy or none at all. Remember, you get out of sports wagering what you put into it. So if you’re somebody who truly wants to make profits, you should learn basics sports betting strategy and learn it well!

Tip #5 – Be Selective

One final tip we have for those who’ve just started betting mobile is this: limit the number of wagers you make in a given week. We can’t stress this point enough because the key to bankroll management, aside from controlling live wagering habits, is to be selective in the games you bet on. It always helps if you know one or both teams well before placing money on the contest. Also, limiting yourself to 2-3 wagers a week is never a bad idea.

Start Betting Mobile like a Pro

Betting Mobile

To bet mobile like a pro pretty much means to be successful at what one does gambling-wise. An online poker player for instance is successful when he’s able to turn a consistent profit playing online tournaments or cash games through his mobile device. Betting mobile on various sports match-ups is also something many people do, but it is safe to say that few of them are capable of doing that professionally, as in for a living. Of course, one is also betting mobile when playing in a mobile online casino at the roulette or the blackjack tables. In order to be successful, one has to know the ins and outs of the games, he has to possess a certain set of skills and has to be able to couple those skills with discipline wherever needed. The actual platform one uses to place his/her online wagers has little to do with the likelihood of success.

When betting mobile at the online poker tables or iPhone blackjack for instance, one has to be adept at poker/blackjack strategy and everything it entails. That means one has to be able to properly select his starting hands, to dominate preflop action, to play well post-flop, and to master various strategies like three-betting, floating the flop, c-betting, bluffing etc.

Becoming a successful online poker player these days is by no means an easy feat to pull. One needs a solid bankroll, equally solid bankroll management skills, tons of poker strategy knowledge, mathematics skills as well as a good dose of luck on the side every now and then.

Betting mobile on sports may seem like a much more attractive proposition for many. After all, most sports-fans consider themselves thorough connoisseurs of the game mechanics as well as of the various teams involved in the league(s) they would consider betting on.

Successful sports betting isn’t an easy feat to achieve either though. There are countless intricacies to betting mobile this way. Although the vertical as a whole has lent itself extremely well to the mobile platform, the skills and the discipline required are rather daunting regardless.

In its layman form, sports betting is an inherently negative long-term EV activity, regardless of whether one is betting mobile or betting through a live bookmaker. Beginners can’t possibly expect to generate profits while beating the variance in the long-run, and the main reason for that is the bookmaker’s vig (which is the same online as it is at a live shop). Even if the vig weren’t there, the proposition would still only be a 50-50 coin-flip of a deal for the skill-less square, and that isn’t worth a whole lot of time and money invested either.

The same way one can reduce the house edge at blackjack for instance, one can definitely secure quite a bit of positive EV in sports betting through thorough handicapping and reverse handicapping aimed at uncovering the hidden value. The hidden value is the key word here. Finding it and to exploiting it though is much easier said than done. One needs quite a set of skills and quite a well-set-up modus operandi to be able to spot the value and to pounce on it immediately. Outside of the actual bookmakers, there are very few people out there who can pull this feat off.

The bottom line: if you want to bet like a pro, read, study, inform yourself and learn. That’s the first step towards success, regardless of the betting platform that you use.

How to Make Your Betting Mobile

Betting Mobile

How much sense does it actually make for a professional’s sports bettor to move his gambling onto a mobile platform completely? It turns out that it does make quite a bit of sense indeed. Unlike online poker players, who may have to give up on a perk or two and who probably will not be able to play some of their favorite games through an online Android or iPhone app, online sports bettors will not have to make any sort of compromises when going mobile. Sports betting is not the sort of activity in which those who place wagers have to constantly and actively interact with each other. Sure, one cannot say that sports betting isn’t social: there are indeed quite a few rather essential social elements to it, but it’s not based on direct face-to-face interaction between players like poker.

Betting mobile is in fact much handier and much more advantageous for the average sports bettor too. In fact, a savvy sports bettor’s smart phone can be turned into a virtual mobile sports gambling office, which comes with all the amenities that an advanced bettor could expect, and more. Indeed, few online gambling verticals lend themselves to the mobile platform as well as a sports gambling. Bettors can access various statistics on just about any team in the world within a few seconds. They can compile analysis charts, they can install and use specialized software which makes it easier for them to make heads and tails of the various statistics and they can perform the traditional dimension of their handicapping in almost entirely automated manner. Betting mobile has never been as easy and as handy as it is now. In addition to the above said traditional handicapping dimension, sports bettors can access a plethora of fresh information and news regarding the various – more subtle – aspects of their handicapping effort.

The great advantage in betting mobile however far exceeds the scope of traditional handicapping. It actually allows the bettors to effectively reverse-handicap their matchups based on rock-solid information rather than gut feelings. Indeed through their mobile applications, sharps can follow the movements of the lines pretty much in real time and based on that they can draw their conclusions. Betting mobile has made the elusive hidden value a lot easier to uncover for a much wider range of sports gamblers.  Last but certainly not least, once done with all the straight up- and reverse handicapping they want to do, players will be able to actually place their bets from their mobile phones while in a bar drinking and having fun with their friends while watching the games. This also allows them to take advantage of a much wider range of wager types and betting markets, because they are actually able to place their wagers in real time as the events unfold on the field or the court.

Making one’s betting mobile is a simple and rather straightforward undertaking these days. All one has to do is to locate a proper sports exchange site or mobile online casino which offers a comprehensive and powerful mobile app. Downloading and installing the application is a cinch, while getting familiar with the interface and actually growing used to the way its statistics and lines are displayed, isn’t much of an intellectual exercise either.

Winner Mobile Sports Review


Winner Mobile Sports:  Launched in early 2013, Winner Sports quickly established itself among the leading online bookies, also on mobile. Offering a mouth-watering amount of options, markets and sport selections, the player is guaranteed to enjoy their betting experience.

The site couldn’t be easier to use, with a slick design and easy navigation, the player will not be distracted by unnecessary problems.

Markets: Ranging from the glitz and glamour of the US sports market to lower European football divisions, punters have the choice at their mercy. 20 individual sports with hundreds of betting markets to choose from. Adding in competitive odds, as well as live video and audio coverage of these events as they are happening. Gamblers can enjoy all these great services from the convenience of their home or office, and even on mobile devices.

Coverage: With comprehensive coverage, the player will never miss a chance to make a killing. Play the odds as the action unfolds, live betting allows the punters to stay on top of every event and never miss an incident that could turn the odds in their favour.

Promotions & Bonuses: Daily promotional offers on several events are often lucrative sources for experts or beginners. Winner Sports also offers some phenomenal money-back offers.

Welcome Offer: Deposit £5 or more and winner Sports will match your deposit in free bets up to £50. Punters will also receive a reward in the form of 5 free bet tokens.

Betting and Odds: Winner Sports offers some of the best odds in the industry. Choose between Single bets, accumulators, multiples, live betting and more.  Make fixed-odds wagers or in-play bets, either way it only takes only a few seconds. It should be noted that once an event begins odds are subject to change.

Deposits: Over 40 deposit methods are provided by the cashier in the form of credit and debit cards, eWallets, wire transfers and bank transfers.

Support: The dedicated support team are available 24h a day by phone, email and live chat.

Bet365 Mobile App Review

bet365 Android App

Bet 365 are among the most successful European bookmakers. The Bet 365 mobile app can be used from pretty much any mobile device and it offers great market coverage and sports selection. The odds offered on horse racing are some of the best in the business.

Bet 365 is one of the best known online sportsbooks, which is famous among players for its outstanding sports selection and quite unparalleled market coverage. Being at the center of the online sports betting world, Bet 365 was among the earliest operators to recognize the potential in the mobile market segment. The first Bet 365 mobile app was launched two years ago. Since then, there were many major advances made in mobile technology as more and more people took to the new mobile platforms and new horizons opened up.

The Bet 365 app is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and devices. iPhones are supported, together with iPads and Android-based devices. The bottom line is however that since the app doesn’t require to be downloaded, it can be used on any mobile phone which supports browsing.

The €50 free bet bonus that Bet 365’s new mobile players get is a more than decent deal as well.

Bet 365 Mobile Sports Selection

Bet 365 has always been known for the large sports selection that it covers. The mobile app aims to bring the mobile user everything that the main site offers and it is indeed quite successful at it. Bet 365’s mobile users will be treated to some great odds on horse racing. The market coverage is also quite outstanding in this vert. There’s far more the app has to offer though. European football is also well-covered: mobile users will be able to bet on some of the most secluded soccer markets without any kind of problems. Why would one want to wonder off the beaten path betting-wise? Simple: seemingly insignificant match-ups will often feature nice hidden value.

Bet 365 Mobile Bonuses and Promotions

Bet 365’s mobile players are greeted with a €50 sign-up bonus. The bonus deal is basically a % match deal. New players get their first deposits matched 100% up to a maximum of €50. Besides the sign-up bonus, players get to take part in a host of other promotions too: there’s a 100% Soccer Accumulator promotion, a 50% Parlay Bonus and of course the Best Odds Guaranteed deal too. The periodically running promotions offer great extra value to players. The Each Way First Goal Scorer promotion for instance is a great proposition for beginners and sharps alike.

Bet 365 does not accept US bettors. The accepted deposit methods are diverse and numerous: the site accepts wire transfers, checks, VISA, MasterCard as well as e-wallets like Neteller, Moneybookers (Skrill) PayPal and Click2Pay. All these money transfers methods can be used for withdrawals as well.
The minimum deposit at the site is £1 and player winnings are capped at £100k a day.

Bet 365 has made its mobile app available in a variety of regional languages. The operation is focused on Europe, thus most of the featured languages are European: Danish, Bulgarian, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Chinese is also supported.
There’s also quite a selection of currencies accepted.

The Bet 365 support is quite outstanding: players can seek assistance through email and live chat. Email responses are fast and always helpful. The best way to solve problems though is through live support which is instant, impersonal and much faster than email.

Bet 365 Mobile Security

Bet 365 is keen on keeping all data concerning financial transactions 100% safe and secure. The site uses Thawte certificates employing the latest SSL technology to encrypt sensitive information.

The main focus of the Bet 365 app is in-game betting. For those who know how to take full advantage of them, in-game bets can provide massive value indeed. When coupled with live scores, in-game betting is a formidable weapon in the hands of a sharp bettor. Add a mobile device to the mix, and you’ve got a lean-mean betting machine set to squeeze every bit of value out of match-ups sloppily handicapped by the bookie.

Ladbrokes Mobile App Review


Ladbrokes Mobile App Review

The Ladbrokes mobile app may not be as flashy from a visual perspective as that of some of the other major operators, but it is a solid and well put-together app, offering great functionality and an awesome market selection.

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest sports exchange operations in existence. The company was started way back in 1886 and it has tens of thousands of people working in its brick and mortar shops all over Europe. Always an innovator and quick to recognize the potential of untapped markets, Ladbrokes have developed a massive online presence as well. Tapping into the ever-increasing segment of mobile sports bettors was a natural progression as the site looked to expand its presence. The new Ladbrokes mobile client is a cross-platform creation, allowing sports bettors to place wagers from anywhere at any time and from just about any mobile device. The site offers apps for iPhones, for Android phones, for Blackberries, for Nokia and for other devices.
Downloading and installing the app is as easy as 1-2-3. Players can access the site directly from their mobile phones or they can simply text “SPORTS” to a phone number made available at the site and they’ll be sent further instructions.

Ladbrokes Mobile Sign-up Bonus

The sign-up bonus offered to Ladbrokes mobile players is slightly better than the industry standard. Weighing in at £30, the bonus is only awarded to those who make a minimum deposit of £10. In order to claim the bonus, they need to make a wager of the same amount.
The bonus may not be awarded when the player claiming it signs in through the Ladbrokes mobile client, which means one is best off logging in through his/her browser (from a PC, laptop or mobile device) and claiming it that way.

Ladbrokes Mobile Software Review

The lobby of the Ladbrokes mobile client features nice graphics and colors, but the design is a tad problematic in that it’s a little cluttered and blocky. Many of the sporting events have pictures next to them which slows things down a little, although the software is pretty fast and stable overall. Scrolling problems – like those we’ve encountered with some of the other mobile clients we’ve reviewed – are non-existent. Pages load up fast and the general impression is one of smoothness and responsiveness. The operation has obviously put quite a bit of effort and money into this mobile client.

Software Features

The lobby of the Ladbrokes mobile client is focused on live betting. Ongoing games are the ones that are displayed front and center, quite probably because they’re the type of bets most likely to get players to jump into the middle of the action straight away.
The layout of the various features and options is very practical. There’s a permanently present nav-bar at the bottom, which offers players instant access to some of the most important options like the “My account” the “Betting Slip” and the “deposit” sections. The “More” button gives players access to various other sections of the app like the homepage, the results section, the help section and others.
The main lobby features about 6 popular betting markets. The easy scroll navbar at the top of the screen offers access to additional markets.
Ladbrokes also have a live streaming feature, which only allows mobile players to watch horse races. Players need to bet at least £1 on a race to be able to use the live streaming feature. No other sporting events are currently streamed.

Ladbrokes Mobile Market Selection

The Ladbrokes site features 35 betting markets, while players can only access 25 of these through the mobile app. While most online sports exchange companies go to great lengths to make sure that whatever they have available on their main sites is also available to mobile app users, Ladbrokes falls short of that mark. Most of the markets missing from the mobile app are the virtual sports ones though, which aren’t likely to generate much player interest to begin with, so the loss isn’t all bad.
Soccer and horse racing are the two verts on which the Ladbrokes mobile app is obviously focused. There’s an amazing selection of soccer leagues from around the world, and horse racing is thoroughly covered as well.
All 25 featured sports come with decent market coverage. Markets are added or taken from the offer on a daily basis, so for those looking for diversity it makes sense to check back often.

Ladbrokes Mobile Cashier

Mobile players can use their Ladbrokes app to undertake a variety of financial moves. They also have a list of the accepted deposit/withdrawal methods available, as well as their balance and transaction history. The whole thing is under the My Account tab.
The Ladbrokes support is excellent. Players can get live support through phone, but there isn’t an email available for support purposes, which is a bit odd to say the least.

Ladbrokes Mobile Navigation

Moving around within the Ladbrokes mobile app is a cinch. Everything is plain and simple and laid out in an obvious manner so even people who never placed a bet online will be able to make heads and tails of everything in no time.
Larger betting markets take a tad longer to load, while the smaller ones are accessed pretty much instantly. Now then, we’ve tested the client through a WiFi connection on an Android tablet, which means that speeds will generally be slower than what we’ve experienced through a 3G connection.
The betting slip is as straightforward as it gets. It allows players to add more money to their wagers, to cancel bets, to add other bets and to generally manipulate their bets every which way they want to.

The Bottom Line

While Ladbrokes’ Mobile app is not the best-looking in the business, it is a really solid piece of software featuring great functionality and great market selection. Most sports bettors aren’t in the game for the fancy graphics, so they will probably look right past that little glitch. Other than that, there really isn’t anything negative that can be said about the Ladbrokes mobile client.

Betfred Mobile App Review

Betfred Mobile Screenshot

Betfred Mobile App Review

Betfred’s mobile app is a spot-on addition to the UK-based bookie’s online arsenal. The interface of the app is simple and straightforward and it offers access to the entire content of the main site.

Betfred is yet another UK-based bookmaker that has managed to extend its grasp all over Europe online. The operator has around 750 brick and mortar betting shops, and it has around 5,000 people working in them. A long-time well-established brand in the UK, Betfred has followed the example of other online bookmakers in keeping up with the new opportunities presented by mobile technology. Its mobile app is a true masterpiece, highly functional on every level. It’s clear that the company didn’t spare any resources in its development. The benefits that the Betfred mobile app offers players are obvious: they are now capable of placing bets and tweaking their existing bets on the go wherever they are.

Betfred Mobile Bonus

The Betfred sign-up bonus is among the most generous ones in the industry. New players are greeted with a 100% match bonus up to a maximum of £50. What this basically means is that in order to take full advantage of the free bet bonus, players need to deposit exactly £50. Registering and making a deposit is possible through the mobile app, but according to some reviewers, doing so may not trigger the bonus. Just to stay on the safe side, we recommend that you register online at the site through the links provided on this page. You will then be able to log in through the app and make use of your bonus money that way.

Betfred Mobile App Features

When it comes to graphics, the Betfred mobile app is definitely not the most dazzling creation one has ever seen, but that’s actually an asset rather than a liability in this case: with everything geared towards functionality rather than design, the loading times for this app are excellent, on a WiFi as well as a 3G connection. Making heads and tails of what’s what is easy too as every bit of information is useful and displayed exactly where it should be. The aim of the app creators was obviously to transfer as many of the features offered by the main site to mobile as possible and they have obviously succeeded, albeit everything is presented in a much simpler format.

The corporate design is carried through to the app nicely. The main lobby is about simplicity as well, which is always a welcome sight in today’s social-media plagued, doodle-laden cyberspace.

The app is obviously fully functional in landscape and portrait modes as well, a feature which tablet, iPhone and Blackberry Storm users will definitely appreciate.

The app has a bottom navbar which offers quick access to various essential sections of the application.

Betfred Mobile App Interface

The main “lobby” of the Betfred mobile app features the usual layout: there are a few quick access buttons to some of the most popular betting markets and sports. There’s also a Main Menu section which is the player’s gateway to everything the app has to offer.

In-play betting is obviously wonderfully suited to the mobile segment. Players can grab their mobile device anywhere and place wagers as the game unfolds without having to actually take time off from their usual routines. One can be sitting in a sports bar with friend and he can tweak his bets as the action unfolds on the screen.

The Betfred app is focused on in-play betting, its in-play section rife with the sporting events that are or will be available for betting on that day. The only issue with this in-play section seems to be the lack of an option to search for available games according to sport.

Betfred’s Mobile app can be accessed with your regular username and password, but there’s also a pin code which you’ll be prompted to enter upon your first login. Once done, you’ll be able to access your account using only the above said pin code.

The Betfred mobile app will also give players a heads-up on events that are just about to start, before they’re added to the available markets.

Betfred Mobile Sports and Markets

Betfred have made all the sports and markets featured by their main website available to their mobile app users. Those logging in through the mobile app will be able to choose from 20 different sports, each featuring a pretty decent market coverage. The main focus is on soccer and horse racing of course – as it usually is with UK-based bookies – but sports like darts, snooker and greyhound racing are also available. The soccer and horse racing markets are the best covered ones.

There are some special markets available as well like the one that allows players to bet on games in which they think both sides will score.

Betfred Mobile Cashier and Support

The Betfred mobile cashier gives players the possibility to deposit and to withdraw money through the deposit and withdrawal methods that they have added at the main site. Credit and debit cards can be added, but other payment methods – like Skrill and Neteller – can only be added through the PC-based interface.

Betfred feature a very solid support system: players can call live help through the phone, or they can use the email help, response times on which are more than decent. They can also text the word “help” to support and they will be called back.

Overall, Betfred’s mobile support is pretty much the best in the industry.

Navigation and Bets

Navigation in the Betfred mobile app is a breeze: the loading times of different pages are fast, scrolling doesn’t induce any lag and there are back buttons everywhere that players can use to back out of a page. The bottom navbar is also a handy addition.

The betting slip is as straightforward as they get: it offers handy details on the wagered amounts, on the odds and on the match-up itself.

The Bottom Line

Betfred’s mobile app reflects the offer featured on their main site nicely. Its creators have obviously managed to transfer all the relevant information, delivering it in a refreshingly simple and straightforward format through the app.

Betting markets are plentiful, the navigation is easy and the betting slip is right on the mark.


Paddy Power Mobile App Review


Paddy Power Mobile App Review

Paddy Power’s mobile app is quite possibly the best-branded one in the industry. The mobile app is graphically impressive and it is compatible with pretty much every mobile device.

Paddy Power’s mobile app is hands-down one of the best mobile apps in the online sports exchange industry. The app is excellently branded (it is in fact the winner of the Best Branded App award) and it is promoted under the witty slogan “Paddy in Your Pocket”, which is dead on in light of the fact that the mobile app does indeed offer access to pretty much everything the main site has on offer.

The app itself is graphically impressive and it features a high degree of functionality. It runs on pretty much every mobile device out there, including iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android-based devices (which includes mobile phones as well as tablets).

Promotions-wise, Paddy Power is right up there with the best of them. Besides the outstanding sign-up bonus they offer, they also have money-back promotions which positions them a head and a shoulder above the competition.

Paddy Power Mobile Sports Selection

Paddy Power’s sports selection is truly outstanding. As every UK-based/focused online sports exchange operator, the site seems focused on horse racing and European football. These two sports enjoy massive market coverage, but that doesn’t mean that less popular sports don’t have enough exposure. As a matter of fact, regardless of what sports a bettor is into, he’ll probably be able to wager on it through the Paddy Power mobile application.

One of the more exotic and interesting markets the site has covered is the election betting market, through which players can wager on the outcomes of various elections world-over.

The game selection available through the mobile app is the same as the one available at the main site.

Paddy Power Promotions and Bonuses

Paddy Power do not currently have a special sign-up bonus for their mobile bettors, but they do give every new player a £50 sign-up bonus, which can be secured by registering online through the main site. Mobile users should register through the main site as well. They will then be able to use their username/password combination from mobile devices as well.

Existing players are treated to a variety of Money Back promotions every week. These deals are a little bit like poker rakeback and they’re wildly popular with Paddy Power’s customers.

Paddy Power do not accept US players. The deposit and withdrawal methods accepted by the site are numerous and diverse. Wire transfers, VISA, MasterCard and VISA Electron are all accepted, together with e-wallets like Moneybookers (Skrill), Ukash, Neteller, PayPal and a few others.

The minimum deposit required to claim the sign-up bonus is £5. The maximum payout is £700k per day. Players aren’t subjected to any fees upon withdrawal.

The languages supported by the mobile app are English and Spanish. EUR and GBP are the accepted currencies.

The Paddy Power support is excellent. Email replies are fast and efficient, but the best bit is the live chat support which offers instant, fuss-free help.

As far as security goes, Paddy Power are keen on employing the latest available technologies to guarantee the safety of their players’ funds as well as that of their personal information.

A 128-bit encryption system is in place all over the site to make sure no unauthorized entities gain access to any of the information shared.

888Sport Mobile App Review


The 888Sport mobile app supports iPads, iPhones and the Java platform. New 888sport players have to register through the main site and they get a £5 no lose sign-up bonus. The 888Sport app can be accessed directly through mobile browsers. has long been one of the top online casino and online poker brands. Sports betting-wise, the operation had trailed its competitors especially in mobile gambling: it wasn’t until after the 2012 football world cup that they had their first mobile app developed by a mobile betting specialist company. The 888Sport mobile app is currently right up there with the best of the bunch though. Their app works with iPads, iPhones and the latest smart-phones, but players don’t really have to possess such an expensive device to take advantage of the perks offered by the mobile side of the operation: they can simply access the 888Sport mobile site through the browser of their mobile device and they can start betting right away.

Apparently, in order to register an account and to make a deposit, players will have to access the main site.

888Sport Mobile Sports

888Sports offer a wide range of sports, but they’re mainly focused on sports UK-facing operators seem generally focused on like rugby, European football, horse racing and tennis. All the sports and markets featured on the main site of the operation are available through the mobile app.

In-play betting seems to be another area on which the 888Sport mobile app is keen, after all, there’s nothing better than some live in-game betting to get a new player hooked for good.

The odds offered by 888Sports are considered to be among the better ones in the industry, and for many bettors, that fact alone is enough of an incentive to join.

888Sports Mobile Bonuses and Promotions

888Sport’s new players are greeted with a £5 bonus, which may not seem like a lot in light of some of the bonuses that other operators offer, but this one’s a special deal. Players can’t lose with it the first time they wager it. If they do in fact lose, the bonus will return to their real money balance. The minimum qualifying deposit is £10. Existing players enjoy a variety of generous promotions as well. The lucky 888th and the 88th Minute Money Back Special all offer some pretty decent extra value.

VIP players get personalized support and their own special promotions.

No US players can wager at 888Sports. The mobile app features a variety of languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish and Danish, linguistically covering most of Europe and the entire UK.

There are 5 different currencies accepted too: USD, DKK, SEK, GBP, EUR, USD.

888Sport Support

888Sport support is only available through email. Response times are decent and the support staff is obviously knowledgeable and helpful. No live chat support is currently available.

Security is one of the top priorities of the operation. Financial operations made through wireless communication are always sensitive issues and 888Sports have pretty much every single aspect of this problem covered, so players can rest assured that no one will be able to intercept and to use any of the sensitive data they transmit through the 888Sport mobile app.

Betfair Mobile Apps Review


Betfair offers its mobile customers the chance to place bets from anywhere, at any time, without giving up any of the features and benefits offered by the full online client. The mobile apps offered are compatible with most mobile devices.

Betfair, one of the world’s biggest betting exchanges, has targeted mobile customers since 2006. Since 2010 though, the site offers software for smart-phones, software which makes it possible for mobile users to take advantage of all the features offered by the PC client. Indeed, the new Betfair mobile client is the epitome of functionality. To begin with, downloading and installing it is as easy as 1-2-3. Players can go to Betfair’s mobile site through their mobile devices, where they can download the software directly and install it in a few seconds. They can also access the said site through their PCs and have a download link sent to their mobile devices. The bottom line: installation is simple and hassle-free. The best thing about the mobile client is that players can use their regular Betfair account details to log in, which means one can use his account at home from a laptop or PC, and he can update his bets later at the pub through his android device or iPhone.

Betfair have pretty much every conceivable mobile device covered compatibility-wise. They have separate clients available for Android devices, for iPhones, iPads and Blackberries. The special features available for Android users are bookmarks, live in-game betting, the possibility to update and cancel bets, the possibility to place back and lay bets, fast market access and Australian Wallet support. Additional android apps to help with handicapping and line-hunting, like the Betdroid, ZoomBet and Betfair Racing are also available.


iPhone users will enjoy the same features plus they’ll be able to track live scores and cash out through their mobile devices too.
As far as market coverage goes, Betfair mobile users will gain full access to all the games and markets featured at the main website, which pretty much says it all. Betfair’s various mobile apps give players the possibility to take advantage of the impressive in-play market and to place their bets taking full advantage of the latest available odds. They will also be able to analyze their wagering history and to gain an overlook of their active bets, with profit/liability displayed as well.

The best way to understand how Betfair’s mobile-side of the business works is to view it as an interface which allows more hands-on and convenient access to everything the main site has to offer. As such, mobile users aren’t treated to any special kind of bonuses or promotions. They get the same sign-up bonus regular online users get. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus is £10.

No US players are currently accepted at Betfair.

The deposit and withdrawal methods accepted by Betfair mobile are the same ones the main site accepts: VISA, Moneybookers (Skrill), Neteller, PayPal, Maestro, wire transfers and checks.

Betfair mobile security is top-notch. The 1024-bit encryption makes sure that all sensitive data remains absolutely confidential.
5 languages are supported (English, Greek, Spanish, German and Italian) and several currencies are accepted, among them EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, DKK, and SEK.

Live chat support is available as well as email and phone support.